Finally finished the animation of Daniel

Work In Progress / 14 November 2018

Already finished the #animation of Daniel. What a messy #b3d Dopesheet! I expect the finished video will be ready in some days.

This is a sneak peek of my upcoming animation

Work In Progress / 13 November 2018

My personal method for bringing real life buildings for using into 3D environments

Tutorial / 08 November 2018

I've just released an article on my blog (written in Spanish, but still pretty inteligible since it's fully illustrated) explaining how I recreate a facade to bring a real life building to a 3D environment by using Blender and Krita (also suitable for GIMP and others). In that article, I explain the whole process of my personal method and I give some tips and tricks for taking the photographs.

Read the full article "Reproduciendo una fachada real para un escenario 3D"

Starting a new vehicle model

Work In Progress / 29 October 2018

This is one of my many side projects. It's inspired by vehicle featured in a popular Spanish film, guess which one?

It's also the first time I model a vehicle just with "organic" references, not using blueprints or technical references.

Doing progresses with one of the environments I'm working on

Work In Progress / 23 October 2018

A new environment project

General / 23 September 2018

This is a WIP preview from one of the projects in which I'm currently working on, which is focused on a pub and the environment that surrounds it.

Café racer motorcycle showcase video

General / 12 September 2018

Do you remember my post-apocalyptic cafe-racer motorcycle project? I just released a showcase video of this project. Check it out and give it some love!

My last finished project: Post Apocalyptic Cafe Racer Motorcycle

General / 27 August 2018

This is the result of my last finished project, which I put on hold for some time. In this new artwork, I made an special effort in the texturing stage, resulting my first project featuring a PBR texturing workflow with Blender and Substance Painter.

Click here to see the full project details

A simple short beard painting method

General / 11 August 2018

I finally found out an easy method for painting a short beard stubble with Blender. These are the earlier steps of a new challenging project I just started!

Finally, the SEAT 1500 project video

General / 30 July 2018

Almost two months ago I released my SEAT 1500 car model and I finally found some time to finish and upload the corresponding video with turntables, a rig demo and an animation test