Shading Pegaso truck model

Work In Progress / 24 June 2019

Quick WIP shot showing almost finished shading/texturing stage of Pegaso truck project #b3d

Final video - Spanish Vintage Tavern

General / 22 April 2019

The showcase video for my Spanish Vintage Tavern project is already online. Go watch it and give it some love!

Pegaso 1065 truck WIP

Work In Progress / 16 April 2019

Already finished modeling of the Pegaso 1065 truck, one of the projects I'm currently working on

Coffee maker

General / 10 April 2019

I'm creating individual videos of some assets from my vintage tavern project. This is a partial turntable of the coffee maker.

70s Land-Rover Santana 88 Especial

General / 05 April 2019

My last finished personal project is a 4WD Land-Rover Santana 88 Especial customized as countryside Police Patrol vehicle from the 70s. The full project page is already available on my portfolio.

Spanish comedian Ignatius Farray featured in my last animated video

General / 25 March 2019

Come and see! Finally Ignatius Farray came alive and he's unchained!! He's on stage in his all new animated version!

Ignatius Farray gets animated

General / 22 March 2019

This is the first clip of my upcoming animated video featuring the Spaniard commedian Ignatius Farray

Land-Rover Santana 88 work in progress

Work In Progress / 15 March 2019

I just finished the modeling of a late 70s Land-Rover Santana 88 for the police force. I already started the texturing and shading process, and it's likely that I'll release the final result next week

New renders of the Spanish vintage tavern

General / 08 March 2019

I've just added new images to my Spanish vintage tavern project (and there are some still upcoming ones). Go to the project page to watch them.

Finally finished the Spanish retro tavern!

General / 06 March 2019

I just finished the Spanish vintage tavern and this is the first final render. In the following days, I'll be releasing more images and details of this project.