Coupé UF, my fan art inspired in "The Miracle of P. Tinto" film

General / 30 November 2018

The Coupé UFO from "The Miracle of P. Tinto" film is finally out! Follow this link for more images and further details. I'm already working on an animated video to show it moving, which I'll release soon on my Youtube channel.

Creating a procedural heat distortion shader

Work In Progress / 27 November 2018

I spent this afternoon playing around with a procedural and animatable heat distortion shader using Eevee and Blender. This means the vehicle I'm working on is about to being finished!


First anniversary of "Fuego que te van a dar"

News / 22 November 2018

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the release of the music video I made for Crudo Pimento, it's incredible how fast time passes!

Just released "Speaking of films", my new animated mini project

General / 16 November 2018

I just released my new animated project with #b3d. This time I wanted to play with #NPR rendering (Non Photorealistic Rendering) among some other techniques (Freestyle, VSE post-processing, etc.) and experiment with 2D/hand-drawn look effects. Give it some love!

Finally finished the animation of Daniel

Work In Progress / 14 November 2018

Already finished the #animation of Daniel. What a messy #b3d Dopesheet! I expect the finished video will be ready in some days.

This is a sneak peek of my upcoming animation

Work In Progress / 13 November 2018

My personal method for bringing real life buildings for using into 3D environments

Tutorial / 08 November 2018

I've just released an article on my blog (written in Spanish, but still pretty inteligible since it's fully illustrated) explaining how I recreate a facade to bring a real life building to a 3D environment by using Blender and Krita (also suitable for GIMP and others). In that article, I explain the whole process of my personal method and I give some tips and tricks for taking the photographs.

Read the full article "Reproduciendo una fachada real para un escenario 3D"

Starting a new vehicle model

Work In Progress / 29 October 2018

This is one of my many side projects. It's inspired by vehicle featured in a popular Spanish film, guess which one?

It's also the first time I model a vehicle just with "organic" references, not using blueprints or technical references.

Doing progresses with one of the environments I'm working on

Work In Progress / 23 October 2018

A new environment project

General / 23 September 2018

This is a WIP preview from one of the projects in which I'm currently working on, which is focused on a pub and the environment that surrounds it.