Shading Pegaso truck model

Work In Progress / 24 June 2019

Quick WIP shot showing almost finished shading/texturing stage of Pegaso truck project #b3d

Pegaso 1065 truck WIP

Work In Progress / 16 April 2019

Already finished modeling of the Pegaso 1065 truck, one of the projects I'm currently working on

Land-Rover Santana 88 work in progress

Work In Progress / 15 March 2019

I just finished the modeling of a late 70s Land-Rover Santana 88 for the police force. I already started the texturing and shading process, and it's likely that I'll release the final result next week

Spanish retro tavern, almost finished modeling

Work In Progress / 12 February 2019

Exploring the Spanish retro tavern project with #b3d. Up to the moment, most of the modeling work is done, so I set basic colours to study the preview result before moving to the next step: texturing and shading.

Retro Spanish bar, work in progress

Work In Progress / 28 January 2019


Work in progress images from my retro Spanish bar project.

Hilarious mistakes

Work In Progress / 21 January 2019

I forgot to disable Mask modifier before rendering, but it was so hilarious that I had to share it here. This image is the result of a mistake, but sometimes mistakes are worthy of being shown, aren't they?

I love UV unwrapping

Work In Progress / 05 December 2018

  Call me weird, but as time goes by, I ended up finding UV unwrapping oddly satisfying and relaxing. It's a laborious but at the same time rewarding process.

Creating a procedural heat distortion shader

Work In Progress / 27 November 2018

I spent this afternoon playing around with a procedural and animatable heat distortion shader using Eevee and Blender. This means the vehicle I'm working on is about to being finished!


Finally finished the animation of Daniel

Work In Progress / 14 November 2018

Already finished the #animation of Daniel. What a messy #b3d Dopesheet! I expect the finished video will be ready in some days.

This is a sneak peek of my upcoming animation

Work In Progress / 13 November 2018