Just released "Speaking of films", my new animated mini project

General / 16 November 2018

I just released my new animated project with #b3d. This time I wanted to play with #NPR rendering (Non Photorealistic Rendering) among some other techniques (Freestyle, VSE post-processing, etc.) and experiment with 2D/hand-drawn look effects. Give it some love!

A new environment project

General / 23 September 2018

This is a WIP preview from one of the projects in which I'm currently working on, which is focused on a pub and the environment that surrounds it.

Café racer motorcycle showcase video

General / 12 September 2018

Do you remember my post-apocalyptic cafe-racer motorcycle project? I just released a showcase video of this project. Check it out and give it some love!

My last finished project: Post Apocalyptic Cafe Racer Motorcycle

General / 27 August 2018

This is the result of my last finished project, which I put on hold for some time. In this new artwork, I made an special effort in the texturing stage, resulting my first project featuring a PBR texturing workflow with Blender and Substance Painter.

Click here to see the full project details

A simple short beard painting method

General / 11 August 2018

I finally found out an easy method for painting a short beard stubble with Blender. These are the earlier steps of a new challenging project I just started!

Finally, the SEAT 1500 project video

General / 30 July 2018

Almost two months ago I released my SEAT 1500 car model and I finally found some time to finish and upload the corresponding video with turntables, a rig demo and an animation test

Simple car rig

General / 15 July 2018

Setting up a simple rig for the SEAT 1500 car. Just need to add custom bone shapes and... ta da!!

Motorbike project WIP

General / 26 June 2018

Doing progresses with the modeling part. Engine and mechanical parts still need some love. Can't wait to finish it and start rigging and texturing!


Hi world!

General / 25 June 2018

This is the first post of my new blog. Whereas I still keep on writing on my personal blog, I'll use this space to show my work in progress, breakdowns, project updates and related stuff.