2020: my first finished project!

General / 20 February 2020

After some idle time, I've managed to finish my first project of #2020! An old petrol station made with #b3d

You can check it out in its project page.

Petrol Station environment project - last steps

Work In Progress / 17 February 2020


My petrol station environment project is about to get finished in the following days. I'm so happy because I put much of myself. This image features the viewport view of the scene.

Renault 8 work in progress

Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

A couple of dirty WIP renders of my Renault 8 project #b3d

Renault 8 WIP

Work In Progress / 17 October 2019

It's been a long time since I was working in two projects simultaneously, but this time I've got a good reason. This is a work in progress picture from a new car model based on the popular Renault 8.

Petrol station environment

Work In Progress / 07 October 2019

I started a new environment project, this old-style inspired petrol station with some surrounding elements. There's still some nature elements missing, but modeling process is about to get finished.

Pegaso 1065 project video finally done

General / 28 August 2019

I created this short animated scene to showcase my Pegaso truck project, which is now completely finished. Check it out and give it some love!

A post-apocalyptic version of the old Pegaso truck

General / 22 August 2019

This was an unplanned post-apocalyptic remake of the Pegaso truck, which ended up being a new single project. I had lots of fun (and I also learned a bit, as usual) while making this "Mad Max" style version of the original truck.

You can find all the images in the link below:

Post-apocalyptic Pegaso 1065 truck - Project page.

Animating the Pegaso truck

Making Of / 11 August 2019

Having fun by creating a simple animation for the Pegaso truck project showcase video.

Pegaso 1065 truck

General / 07 August 2019

I've just finished the first part of the 70's Pegaso 1065 truck project. This is the first image of this part of the project.

"Fuego que te van a dar" featured on national Spanish TV

News / 05 July 2019

I'm so proud to see one of my projects featured on RTVE (Spanish public TV). A short part from my "Fuego que te van a dar", which is the animated music video I made two years ago. It was shown the "Atención obras" TV show yesterday and it's viewable online through this link (aprox. 12:35 minute).