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Hi there! I'm glad to see you here. I'm Fran Alburquerque and I create 3d stuff and animations

I live in Spain and I'm a restless devourer of knowledge. I've always had a passion for creative work. That is why today I dedicate almost all my time to 3d content creation, character animation and photography.

About this site

This website is my online showcase, where I share with you the most relevant professional work and personal projects in which I am involved.

Some of my most outstanding works are video clips, mini short-movies for couples, architectural visualization or advertising footage. Despite, I keep a dedicated part of my site for my photography work and other creative facets of mine.

If you have a great idea or a project related to 3D animation and design, you can contact me. I'm sure that we both can do very cool things and I will be happy to answer your message or have a conversation with you.

Some further about me

I'm totally passionate about nature and human beings. When I'm not in front of my screen, I like to spend time caring for the plants in my garden or running away with my bike. I'm also a great lover of slow life, good coffee and Tiramisu.

  • Name: Fran Alburquerque
  • Place: Spain (available to work remotely)
  • Skills: 3d generalist, animation, photography
  • Software: Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, Rawtherapee, Awesomebump, GNU/Linux
  • Web: http://franalburquerque.info
  • Skype: membriskhan